Department of Prosthodontics

Subject of preclinical complete denture

3rd year dental students(1st semester)

Introduction to Prosthodontics, anatomy of mouth in relation to Complete Denture

Denture support, stability & retention

Prelimiary impression, fabrication of custom impression tray

Final impression, boxing & pouring final impression, record base & occlusal rims

Maxillomandibular relationship

Madibular movements

Articulators & face bow

Artficial teeth selection

   Artificial teeth selection 2

Complete denture occlusion

proccessing of complete denture 1

\processing of complete denture 2

Denture repair

Relining & rebasing

Department of Prosthodontics

Subject of preclinical partial denture

3rd year dental students(2nd semister)

Introduction,terminology, Kennedy classification & Applegate’s rules

Mjor connector

Minor connector

Rest & rest seat

Direct retainer

Biomechanic of R.P.D

Indirect retainer



Labratory work for R.P.D framewor

Department of Prosthodontics

Subject of clinical complete denture

4th year dental students(1st semester)


At the beginning of this semester student should have test about preclinical complete denture


-Aatomy & physiology of masticatory system

Diagnosis & treatment planning of edentulous patients

Preparation of mouth for complete denture



Registration of maxillomandibular  relationship

Facebow & articulators

Selection of artificial teeth

Posterior palatal seal

Try in

Denture placement

Patients education & instruction

Post insertion problem 

Department of Prosthodontics

Subject of clinical partial denture

4th year dental students(2nd semester)

At the beginning of this semester student should have test about preclinical partial denture


Introduction, terminology for RPD, & Kennedy classification, indication for R.P.D treatment

Phases of RPD service

Diagnosis & treatment planning

-Mouth preparation for RPD

Impression materials for RPD

Support for distal extension bases

Principle of RPD design,surveying

Laboratory procedure

Occlusal relationship for RPD

-Selection & setting of artificial teeth

fitting  of RPD frame work

Initial placement –adjustment & servicing of RPD

Biomechanics of RPD

Relining ,rebasing & repair for RPD

Temporary RPD

Department of Prosthodontics

Subject of special prosthodontics

5th year dental students(1st semester)


immediate denture

treatment of grossly  resorbed  manddibualr ridge

over denture

copy denture

single complete denture

maxillofacial prostodontics(obturators ,stent,facial prosthesis)

prostodontic treatment for radiotherapy patients

at this semester students  should have ( 4 ) test,,included all subjects of previous semesters


Department of Prosthodontics

5th year dental students(2nd semester)


At this level, all subjects of  prosthodontics is completed,,

This semester include revision,seminars,case presentation and problem solving


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