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توصيف المادة والمراجع




A.   Theory:

Paediatric dentistry part 1

·         Introduction to Paediatric Dentistry

·         Craniofacial growth and development

·         Cognitive  development of children

·         Child management (non-pharmacological and pharmacological)

·         History, examination and treatment planning

·         Radiology in paediatric dentistry

·         Local anaesthesia for children

·         Diagnosis and prevention of dental caries

·         Treatment of dental caries

·         Pulp therapy in primary dentition

·         Pulp therapy in young permanent dentition

·         Traumatic dental injuries

·         Advanced restorative dentistry

·         Periodontal diseases in children

·         Dental anomalies

·         The paedodontic/ orthodontic interface

·         Oral pathology

·         Use of Antibiotics in paediatric Dentistry

·         Medically compromised patients

Pediatric Dentistry Part II:

·         Endodontic treatment of the young permanent teeth

·         Traumatic injuries to teeth

·         Developmental disturbances

·         Advanced restorative treatment

·         Periodontal diseases in children

·         Interceptive orthodontics and space maintenance

·         Oral surgery in children

·         Use of antimicrobials in pediatric dentistry

Special care dentistry:

·         Medically compromised patients

·         Introduction to genetics

·         Physical and mental disabilities

·         Special topics: Autism, Downs syndrome, Cerebral palsy, ADHD, epilepsy. 

B.   Practical training:

                               I.            Pre-clinical training:

·        Cavity preparation in primary dentition (class I-V)

·        Pulpotomy

·        Pulpectomy

·        Stainless steel crown preparation

·        Fabrication of space maintainers

·        Splinting of traumatized teeth 

                 II.            Clinical training: 

·         By the end of the clinical course, the student should be able to:

·         Take full medical and dental history in a logical and systemic way, examine the patient properly and construct a treatment plan.

·         Manage dental emergences in children.

·         Advise the patients/ parents regarding prevention of dental/oral diseases.

·         Perform conservative and endodontic treatments in primary and young permanent dentitions.

·         Identify most of the oral pathological conditions in children and refer the patient (if necessary) to a colleague whose specialized in the specific field. 

                           III.            Other activities:

·         Tutorials

·         Assignments

·         Journal clubs